Jonkers Farm – Best Wedding Venue in Auckland

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Jonkers Farm – Best Wedding Venue in Auckland

Every couple dream to get married in a huge marquee but their dreams vanish because they don’t have a big space to do it. Jonkers Farm can make your dream come true. The place is damn beautiful that there is no chance for your marriage album to be ruined. It is a 540 acres elegant farmhouse with a huge space to host your wedding or any other event. People could just wish to get married her in the most adorable Jonkers Farm but not everyone’s wishes are fulfilled. The farm doesn’t reserve for a lot of weddings. If you’re lucky enough to get married in such a beautiful venue, then you should thank God for it.

Jonkers farm is one of the best wedding venues not only in Auckland, but it is an international venue for shooting films, for having their wedding functions, for events etc. It Is situated in central Auckland which is very convenient for the guests to attend the event.

Jonkers Farm is an exceptional venue if you are looking to get married in a rustic way. The huge elegant territory helps a lot in a photography session. Couples can take the unique set of photos anywhere around the natural terrain. Even the worst picture will look great in such an amazing environment. The venue isn’t the most popular one in Auckland for wedding functions as people don’t know much about it. They rarely book it for events. But if u get lucky you won’t regret it for the rest of your lives. The Jonkers Farm team will make sure your lucky day becomes the most memorable day of your lives and after you’re special day you’ll be 100% satisfied and happy that you made the most important decision of your lives to get married here.

HUS Art Farm – Best Event Venue in Auckland

Hus Art Farm is a versatile venue and the place to accommodate is just 30 mins away from downtown. The venue has multiple different spaces which can be used to host different types of functions. The space downstairs is an art gallery and can also be used as a venue hall. It has the capacity to arrange seating for up to 100 people. Upstairs area is for the guests to accommodate there.

Hus Art Farm also has their own bar which is situated in the downstairs area for the entertainment purposes. A convenient and safe parking lot is there for the guests to park their vehicles without hesitating. For the sake of relaxation on the next morning after an event, a Black Cottage Café has been made to enjoy your breakfast and to lower your stress level.

There is a pond paddock placed right on the water and on the back is a beautiful island with huge oak trees and bridge. This place can be used to host a special event on Paddock with some guests.

If you’re planning to marry here in Hus Art Farm, one of the questions in your mind will surely be about photography place. They have a special area just for the photography. The area has the latest interior design, flowing water around bridges, beautiful ponds that has lilies, amazingly decorated grass and even they have horses for special poses. There is a team of professionals who take the photos. It’s the perfect wedding location as the bridal side people can come there a day early and stay in the accommodation area for pre wedding shoot.

The accommodation area in Hus Art Farm has 6 bedrooms, a huge kitchen area, and a dining area. Last but not the least, a parking area is very important in any venue which make the guests satisfied. The parking lot in HUS Art farm has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 cars making in it best event venue in Auckland.